About the Inn

If you’ve ever heard the song we be chilling at the holiday inn, you’ll know what I mean by this. Our inn is super fresh because we have celebrities staying here all the time. They stop in on the way back from concert tours, events in Vegas, gambling trips, and flights to the islands.

Our humble staff of 4 people manage the entire place. In hindsight, they’re probably underpaid, but we manage nonetheless. The owner takes the majority of the pay and leaves scraps for the other employees to simply accept or leave. That’s the way things go at the Hannah Marie Inn.

Some of our guests just want to find a nice bed to sleep in for a couple days to escape their wives. Other guests want to throw a party for above-age youth. We don’t really care who comes here or why, as long as they stay for a bit and enjoy the glorious festivities we put on. It would hurt our feelings if they didn’t stick around for chess with the elders.

Our inn features 27 rooms with showers and half baths included. We provide breakfast in bed and full amenities including Asian massages on demand. Fun times will be had by all, especially if you drop another couple dollars. You know what I’m saying. Rooms are cleaned 21 times a day by the staff because we believe in over-delivering for our customers. It’s a way of life for us at Hannah Marie Inn. We are here to please and serve our guests. We do ask that if you consider extending your stay to give us a 2-day heads up so we can ensure the rooms remain free.